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Personal Trainer Macomb Michigan;We Understand You & Your Fitness Goals

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 Affordable Personal Trainer For Personal Fitness 

Bodybuilding Coach

DrivenX offers skilled, proficient,licensedpersonal gym trainers in Macomb, Michigan. In addition, before committing, you can register for a free session to make sure that the trainer assigned to you understands you and your fitness goals and can help you achieve them.





At DrivenX, the care for our clients is real, and it starts the moment you fill in the registration form. Our personal gym trainers don’t use a single plan for all individuals, instead hey make a different plan for everyone that fits their needs and fitness goals. DrivenX has a complete fitness practice planned around your capabilities, fitness needs, and personal goals. We execute a 360-degree approach to your fitness and will cover significant parts that other fitness centers can’t.



Working out with you has done a few things. It has totally eliminated the aches and pains of aging that were happening to me. It has made every day activities easy, like picking up a case of water at Costco. It is also giving me more confidence. I know I have a long way to go but my view of myself has become more about strength and well-being. Honestly Ben, I feel like you changed and saved my life.

Marita Vandenberg, 57

May 10, 2021



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In person coaching

  • 50 Minute Sessions

  • Exercise Knowledge and immediate technique corrections

  • Nutrition coaching and strategy to optimize performance and body goals

  • Training app discount - $45 down from $120!

Starting at $60/session

Online Coaching

  • Training Programs that take into account personal goals, lifestyles and available equipment

  • Nutrition Coaching and strategy to optimize performance and body goals

  • Weekly check in to discuss progress, review technique, and make adjustments to your program

  • Direct access through our app



1 session package


5 session package


per session

10 session package


per session

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Themuscle training planat DrivenXwill concentrate on your well-being, fitnesstechnicalities and performance. By training with a coach, your plan will containnontoxic but stimulatingevolutions that will help you achieve your particular fitness goals. This muscle training plan will include free masses, lifters, suspension instructors, super bands, and muscle mass.

The stretching program at DrivenXcomprisesdirecting adynamic or self-motivatedpreparation using bio-foam breakers, permanence,remedy balls, and musclemass. Before the session begins, all our customers mustperform light exercises such as walking on the treadmill, cycling, or stretching.

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Fitness img.jpg

The functional training program at DrivenXis a special type of workout that surrounds the human body with the struggle to improvedetailed movement for ordinaryaction. The trainers at DrivenX use;apparatusstretching from medicine &permanency balls tostruggle bands and bodyweight activities.




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Ben is the highly dedicated coach and founder of DrivenX. His background as a U.S. Army Staff Sergeant and 11 years of training experience enables him to have a flexible understanding of coaching techniques and training disciplines. Ben's training methodology revolves around educating every client and addressing weaknesses in the body to promote sustainable health and fitness


DrivenX Team

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The professional fitness coaches at DrivenX possess three passions; Fitness, health, and workout. Our professional team is enthusiastic, motivated, and sincere in assisting the Macomb community to improve their health and quality of life through the workout. 


Affordable Personal Trainerin the Macomb, Michigan

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The weight rack or our treadmills doesn’t make DrivenX special. Although we have thisequipment, we are different from other fitness centers because we have affordable personal trainers. We aim to help individualswrestlewith anything between their health and fitness goals. However, we are aware that fitness journeys aren’t easy. But our internationally certified coaches help you stay on track and develop a customized plan for your diet. Ourprofessional fitness coaches help you build everything from calves to confidence.

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Drivenx On The Go

Discover what your Personal trainer in Macombhas to offer

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • Group Classes

  • Personal Trainers

  • Spa Services

  • Metabolic Testing

  • Core Training

  • Sports Specific Training

Personal Trainer in Macomb, Michigan

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Macomb, Michigan? Are you looking for an affordable personal trainer who can dedicatedly work on your fitness?Welcome to DrivenX, where we believe in helping our customers achieve their health and fitness goals. DrivenX has the edge over all thesurrounding health and fitness clubs, sports complexes, gyms, and personal trainers.DrivenXprovides result-driven training and services. Thetailoredtraining and workout sessions with our certifiedprofessional fitness coachescan help you get more than a regular session and get closer to your fitness goals. Sign up todayand get the best personal gym trainerin Macomb, Michigan, and walk towards achieving your health and fitness goals.

Track Measurable Results in Twelve Weeks Only!

The personal gym trainersat DrivenX are committed to shaping your body within twelve weeks. They will help you set your goals, which can be achieved by looking at your current fitness and by customizing a nutritional and dietary plan that can help you maintain that shape. In addition, they will also brief youon a workout program that can be practisedathome, so you don’t have to miss your fitness even one day.In addition, they willsharethe weekly andmonthly progress reports with you so you can keep a check on your progress. No matter what health and fitness goals you are looking to achieve,the personal trainers in Macombavailable at DrivenXwill ensure that you are satisfied with your fitness and workout program. Moreover, we guarantee 100 percent commitment and results with our personalized plans.

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