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Finding a Great Personal Fitness Trainer Near Me Isn't Difficult

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Personal Fitness

Trainer Near Me

Personal Fitness

If you’re looking for an affordable personal trainer, DrivenX is the place to be! Whether youwant to simply improve your health or have slightly more specific fitness goals, we will connect you with the best fitness personal trainer who can modify each session to meet your fitness goals.





We at DrivenX believe that every person is different when it comes to health and fitness. Our main goal with our fitness strategies is to always suggest something sustainable.We welcome you to tell us why, when, and where you are looking for a personal fitness trainer in the USA, and we will exhibit the best matches in your respective area.



Working out with you has done a few things. It has totally eliminated the aches and pains of aging that were happening to me. It has made every day activities easy, like picking up a case of water at Costco. It is also giving me more confidence. I know I have a long way to go but my view of myself has become more about strength and well-being. Honestly Ben, I feel like you changed and saved my life.

Marita Vandenberg, 57

May 10, 2021



In Person Coaching

  • 60 Minute in-person sessions

  • Exercise Knowledge and immediate technique corrections

  • Nutrition coaching and strategy to optimize performance and body goals

  • Personalized Workout Programs

  • Access to EatThisMuch Premium for custom meal plans and grocery list

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

Starting at $70/session

Online Coaching

  • Customized training Programs that take into account personal goals, lifestyles and available equipment

  • Nutrition Coaching and strategy to optimize performance and body goals

  • Weekly check in to discuss progress, review technique, and make adjustments to your program

  • Direct access through our app

  • Access to EatThisMuch Premium for custom meal plans and grocery list

  • Access to Private Facebook Group



1 session package


5 session package


per session

10 session package


per session

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Have you set your health and fitness goals? Have you figured out the best way to accomplish your goals? Do you aim to lose weight, build muscle, or perfect your fitness technique and performance? Let us know about your needs, and we will find the best fitness personal trainer near you.

With DrivenX, you can get a personalized training program with a personal fitness trainer in the USA premeditated just for you. We initiate by classifying your goals and evaluating your current capacity as well as anything that may influence your training and fitness goals, including the existing medical conditions, chronic injuries, etc.

Once we modify a training plan that drives you from where you currently are to where you aim to be in a few weeks, our trainers and mentors pay attention to our clients to make sure that they are getting harmless and effective training sessions every time.

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Fitness img.jpg

DrivenX's personalized nutrition and  workout affiliation opportunities include a nutrition plan for twelve weeks. This strategy is intended to eliminate unhealthy, provocative nutrients from your diet. We aim to provide more natural energy, and you should feel focused within the first couple of weeks of the new diet plan.




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Ben is the highly dedicated coach and founder of DrivenX. His background as a U.S. Army Staff Sergeant and 11 years of training experience enables him to have a flexible understanding of coaching techniques and training disciplines. Ben's training methodology revolves around educating every client and addressing weaknesses in the body to promote sustainable health and fitness


DrivenX Team

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The trainers at DrivenX are nationally certified and can help you achieve your fitness goals easier and sooner than ever. The team can provide one-on-one personalized training sessions and help you accomplish your goal. The team at DrivenXbelieves in hard work and the best fitness. We can help you get the body and fitness you have always wanted!


Personal Fitness Trainer in the USA

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With DrivenX, you can get the workouts customized exclusively for your fitness goals and experience level. We make sure to reduce the risk of damage and injury by assigning certified and experienced trainers who overlook your form. In addition, you cantrack your progress with real-time data and analytics that show the impact that has been created so far. Moreover, you canget in shape and achieve your fitness goals without segmenting a jam-packedfitness center and all these in just twelve weeks.

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Best Personal Fitness Trainer Near Me

Are you in Macomb, Michigan, or the surrounding town and are searching for "best personal fitness trainers near me"? There are a number of sports centers, fitness clubs, gyms, and independent instructors and trainers in the surrounding area. DrivenX stands out because we believe in providing personalized and tailored services. The one-on-one sessions with our nationally certified trainers are more than just simple workouts. We have faith that our customers achieve the best results when they revolutionize their mindset, not their routine. Sign up for the best fitness training program in Macomb, Michigan, and start your journey today.

Guaranteed Results in Twelve Weeks Only!

At DrivenX, we help you by providingcustomized personal training,a twelve-week nutritional and dietary plan,a home-based workout plan,a monthly progress report, individual menu planning, and 100% guaranteed results. Our nationally certified trainers aim to educate, persuade, and stimulate you to stay fit and live healthier. So, no matter what health goals you aim for, our best fitness personal trainers and nutrition planning amenity offers a modified and custom-made solution to help you achieve your goals.

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