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Transform Your Fitness & Track Results With Proficient Fitness Coaching

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Personalized Training Plan For Fitness Coaching

Bodybuilding Coach

Maintaining fitness or fitnessenhancement doesnot comefrom the modernfashion or VIP fitness routine. It comes from Fitness Coachingtraining that is custom-madefor your body.DrivenX is the most convenient way to connect you with a professional fitness coach, whether you want to merely recover your fitness or improve your stamina.





DrivenX offers certified personal trainers that can drive better health and fitness for individuals. We make every effort to sanction viable fitness and health at Macomb, Michigan. We can help you develop your nutrition, body form, and fitness with our Personal Fitness Coaches and personalized diet plans.



Working out with you has done a few things. It has totally eliminated the aches and pains of aging that were happening to me. It has made every day activities easy, like picking up a case of water at Costco. It is also giving me more confidence. I know I have a long way to go but my view of myself has become more about strength and well-being. Honestly Ben, I feel like you changed and saved my life.

Marita Vandenberg, 57

May 10, 2021



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In person coaching

  • 50 Minute Sessions

  • Exercise Knowledge and immediate technique corrections

  • Nutrition coaching and strategy to optimize performance and body goals

  • Training app discount - $45 down from $120!

Starting at $60/session

Online Coaching

  • Training Programs that take into account personal goals, lifestyles and available equipment

  • Nutrition Coaching and strategy to optimize performance and body goals

  • Weekly check in to discuss progress, review technique, and make adjustments to your program

  • Direct access through our app



1 session package


5 session package


per session

10 session package


per session

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DrivenXoffers personal training for individuals lookingtoget fitand begin fitness coaching. We offera professional fitness coach that can work on your fitness and give you results in just 60 days. Moreover, we also offerpersonalizedworkout programs intended to assist you in reaching your short-term and long-term goals and maintainingthem.

DrivenX specializes in nutrition services that professional fitness coaches present.Youcanbenefit fromthe personalized nutrition services in Macomb, Michigan, and work with a fitness coach to develop a twelve-week modified nutrition plan that suits your body.

Oncethe nutrition planis modified,we will start working on the fitness that you have aimed for, and our coacheswillgive you individual attention.

Fitness img.jpg
Fitness img.jpg

DrivenX’sfitnesscoachingservicesbeginwithcategorizing your goals and estimating your presentworkout capacity. We will also look forthings that may affect your physical activity, including the prevailing medical conditions, prolonged injuries, etc. We will then assign you a professional fitness coach to fulfill your goals.




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Ben is ahighly dedicated coach and founder of DrivenX. His background as a U.S. Army Staff Sergeant and 11 years of training experience enable him to have a flexible understanding of coaching techniques and training disciplines. Ben’s training methodology revolves around educating every client and addressing weaknesses in the body to promote sustainable health and fitness.


DrivenX Team

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The professional fitness coaches at DrivenX areinternationally licensedand can help you reach your health and fitnessgoalsfaster. The team also providespersonalfitnesssessionsand nutrition plans that will make it easy for you to achieve your goal.The professional team at DrivenXhas faith indetermination as it can be beneficialfor fitness.


Personal Fitness Coachin the USA

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With the level of expertise that DrivenX possesses, you can get the fitness sessionstailored explicitly as per the requirement of your body andreduce the hazard of injury with the guidelines of aninternationally licensedtrainer. Moreover, you canmonitor your daily and weekly progress with instantaneousanalytics and figures that will demonstratethe influence created on your body and fitness so far. Additionally, you canget thestaminayou want and avoid health diseases in twelve weeks.

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Drivenx On The Go

Access DrivenX Using Smart Phone to Search for Personal Fitness Coach

  • Get fitness coaching quotes on the go

  • Know precisely what to do each day

  • Easily connect with your coach on your schedule

  • Classify patterns with your diet to know where to focus

  • Perform training securely to mitigate injuries

  • Keep track of your body measurements to notice the transformation

  • Know that someone’s keeping an eye on you

Professional Fitness Coachin Macomb, Michigan

If you are located in Macomb, Michigan,or the surrounding areasand searching for a professional fitness coach,DrivenX is the right place for you. Although the surrounding areas consist of different fitness clubs, health clubs, sports centers, gymnasiums, and independent coaches, DrivenX catches the eyes of the individuals because we believe in result-driven services and training. Thepersonalizedfitness sessions with our internationally licensedcoachesare more than regular training. We are certain that our customerscan achieve their fitness goals when they alter their attitude, not only their routine. Register today for the best fitness coachingpackage in Macomb, Michigan, and take the first step towards achieving your fitness goals.

Track Measurable Results in Twelve Weeks Only!

The personal fitness coachesat DrivenX are determined to help you achieve your goals by providing a customizednutritional dietary plan fortwelve weeks. Moreover, they will also train you fora home-based workoutprogram and discussa monthly progress report with you, so you can track your progress. Moreover, we believe in giving our 100 percent, resulting in guaranteed results.However, no matter what fitness goals you have set for yourself, our fitness coacheswill provide you with atailored and modified solution to boost your fitness.

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