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Stand Out From The Rest By Looking For Best Bodybuilding Coach Near Me

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 Bodybuilding Coach

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Bodybuilding Coach

DrivenX helps you become your fittest self while working out alongside incredible athletes. DrivenX is the ultimate place for weight training, bodybuilding nutrition, and body transformation coaches. Regardless of your goals, we welcome anyone aiming to progress their fitness and improve their health.





DrivenXoffers a traditional and friendly fitness and bodybuilding program. We offer person-to-persononline bodybuilding coaching, from effective body competition to losing weight to power weight training. Whether you are looking to tone up or build for a direct competition or individual goal, DrivenX has the equipment needed for the bodybuilding, training, and culture you need to achieve the target you have set.



Working out with you has done a few things. It has totally eliminated the aches and pains of aging that were happening to me. It has made every day activities easy, like picking up a case of water at Costco. It is also giving me more confidence. I know I have a long way to go but my view of myself has become more about strength and well-being. Honestly Ben, I feel like you changed and saved my life.

Marita Vandenberg, 57

May 10, 2021



In Person Coaching

  • 60 Minute in-person sessions

  • Exercise Knowledge and immediate technique corrections

  • Nutrition coaching and strategy to optimize performance and body goals

  • Personalized Workout Programs

  • Access to EatThisMuch Premium for custom meal plans and grocery list

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

Starting at $70/session

Online Coaching

  • Customized training Programs that take into account personal goals, lifestyles and available equipment

  • Nutrition Coaching and strategy to optimize performance and body goals

  • Weekly check in to discuss progress, review technique, and make adjustments to your program

  • Direct access through our app

  • Access to EatThisMuch Premium for custom meal plans and grocery list

  • Access to Private Facebook Group



1 session package


5 session package


per session

10 session package


per session

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We are a professional bodybuilding fitness center that is considered one of the best fitness centers in town if your main objective is to achieve results! From ordinary individuals to prestigious bodybuilders, our center has all that you need to help you reach the fitness goal you are thriving for.

DrivenX is the home to some of the bestbodybuilding coaches and meticulousfitness centerassociates in the United States. Everyone is welcome to join us and work out at DrivenX.

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Fitness img.jpg

DrivenX has the best trainers that will push and motivate you to become fitter and healthier than you have ever been. Our body transformation coaches at DrivenX have a lot of knowledge and expertise that can be of great use to you as you progress through your journey of becoming the best bodybuilder.




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Ben is the highly dedicated coach and founder of DrivenX. His background as a U.S. Army Staff Sergeant and 11 years of training experience enables him to have a flexible understanding of coaching techniques and training disciplines. Ben's training methodology revolves around educating every client and addressing weaknesses in the body to promote sustainable health and fitness


DrivenX Team

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The bodybuilding trainers at DrivenX are qualified and nationally certified. They can help you accomplishbodybuildingtargets you have setquicker than you may think. The professional body transformation coach can provide individuallytailoredand modified bodybuilding sessions and help you accomplish your goal. We can help you smash your fitness goals in no time!


Bodybuilding Nutrition Coach in the USA

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With DrivenX, you can get the bodybuilding training customized explicitly for your body needs, experience level and eliminate the risk of injury with the direction of a nationally certified bodybuilding nutrition coach. In addition, you can monitor and measure your evolution with real-time data and analytics that show the impact that has been created on your body so far.

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Drivenx On The Go

Access From Your Smart phones & Look for Best Bodybuilding Coach Near Me

Access the best body transformation coach with your smartphones and get in touch with the bodybuilding coaches with the following qualifications:

  • Characteristics of fitness, well-being, and elementary working out ideologies

  • Nutrition and bio membranes

  • Cardiopulmonary, undernourished, and well-developed system anatomy and purpose contemplations

  • Flexibility, agility, and outlook considerations

  • Reflexive and energetic assessments

Best Bodybuilding Coach Near Me

Are you looking for the best bodybuilding nutrition coach or fitness center in Macomb, Michigan, or surrounding areas? If the answer is yes, then you are at the right place. Our professional bodybuilding coaches are nationally certified and will help you accomplish the set target. The second you register and walk into the fitness center, you will know that you are in a simple fitness center that values purpose, hard work, companionship, and heart.

Powerlifting Fitness Center&Bodybuilding Trainers

Are you looking for a powerlifting fitness centerin Macomb, Michigan? DrivenX can be the ultimate choice if you’re looking for professional bodybuilding coaches and mentors. We have the best local bodybuilding nutrition coaches and proficientindividual trainers who can help you get fit.

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