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The Complete 4-Week Beginner Workout Routine

Did you know that 82.1 million residents in the United States aged more than six don’t workout? In 2019, the well-being and health club and fitness center industry made profits of more than $98.7 billion globally.

It does not matter if you are a beginner in the workout program or come back to workout after an extensive discontinuity. The beginner workout routine will remarkably progress your figure and fitness in four weeks. In the ecosphere of gym and fitness, the programs that hold supremacy are three-month programs.

These programs can be seen in fitness journals and magazines. And for a good reason.

According to a diet statistics report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that more than 97 million adults in the United States of America are over weight. But, to let you have a motivating secret, it does not essentially take eight or twelve weeks to get your bases wet in the gymnasium.

You will be prepared for the upcoming challenge at the end of the fourth week. Moreover, you will have assembled a substantial amount of quality muscles. In simple words, four weeks from today, you will look notably better than how you look today. Well, how is this motivation for the beginner workout plan?

The beginner’s workout for men is just not for the exact beginner, but it is also appropriate for an individual looking to join training after a long break.

To start with, how long have you been off the gym or workout? One year? Three years? No problem: The gym workout routine mentioned below will get you on course in just four weeks!

The 4 Week Workout Routine for Beginners

Even though we call it a guide for beginner’s workout for men, the plan can also be executed by individuals that have gone through a serious injury and were forced out of the fitness center for months or years. This plan will help you get on the course as fast as four weeks.

Four Week Gym Workout Routine

The four-week workout routine for beginners includes:

  • Push-ups

  • Squats

  • Jumping Jacks

  • Lunges Burpees

  • Sit-ups

Workout for Beginners ata Glance

  • Week Number 01 -Full-Body Workout Fragment.

  • Week Number 02 -Two-Day Workout Fragment: Upper & Lower Body.

  • Week Number 03 -Three-Day Workout Fragment: Pull& Push Legs.

  • Week Number 04 -Four-Day Workout Fragment: Full Body Workout.

Week Number 01: Full-Body Training Fragment

You can start the beginner workout routine program with a full-body workout fragment. This means you will workout all key body fragments in each training. You need toworkout for approximately three days the first week. Moreover, you need to make sure that you perform only one exercise for each body fragment in individual sessions.

Moreover, you must take a rest day between each training fragment to let your body improve. This makes workout days Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. However, Sunday will be served as a rest day.

The training exercises listed in the first week are a group of elementary moves that, while also utilized by advanced lifters, we sense are appropriate for the beginner workout routine.

In the first week, you need to perform at least three different sets of each exercise per workout session. This, over the period of one week, enhances up to nine groups total for everybody part, a decent preliminary volume for your tenacities. With the exemption of cruces for abs, you need to do eight to twelve repetitions per set.

This repetition structure is extensively considered perfect for attaining expansions in muscle size and is generally employed by substandard and pro bodybuilders alike.

This is stated in workout loops as a reverse pyramid. In the bodybuilding circle, atypical pyramid drives from higher to lower repetitions where you reduce the weight of each set to comprehend the higher repetition tally. For instance, if on the first set of pull-downs you used 120 pounds for ten repetitions, you need to use 110 or 100 pounds on the second set and 80 or 70 pounds on the third set.

Week Number 02: Split Verdict

When you enter week number two, you are only a week into the beginner’s workout for men. Yet it would be best if you started to work out different body parts on different days with a training split into two days. This means the complete body is proficient over the passage of two days only, instead of one day as in week number one.

You need to work out at least four days in the second week. The split in this week must include two days for the upper body. These days could be Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Wednesday.

Similarly, the workout must include two days for the lower body. Unlike the upper body section, the lower body training can be done on Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Wednesday. However, three days during the week (Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday)need to be considered as rest days for your recovery.

More than a few exercises from the first week are carried over to the second week. Butyou need to add one move to everybody part routine, with abs exemption. This will help you work out all muscle clusters more comprehensively from several angles.

For example, the chest workout comprises two different exercises. The first exercise is a complex movement that includes the elbow and shoulder joints to work the maximum amount of muscles. However, the second exercise is different and only includes a single joint (elbow or shoulder).

Week Number 03: Three on Three

The training can be split into three days in the third week of the beginner workout plan.

  • First Day -Pushing body parts workout, including shoulders, chest, and triceps

  • Second Day -Pulling body parts training, including biceps, abs, and back

  • Third Day -Lower body workout including calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes.

In the third week, you need to visit the gym workout routine for six days. This week, a new exercise will be added to each workout routine for beginners to deliver added angles to work out your target muscles to endorse comprehensive growth.

You need to perform a set of two exercises of three to four sets each. The exercises will include:

  • Exercise Number 01 -Large body parts such as back, chest, quads, hamstrings, etc. – Four sets

  • Exercise Number 02 -Smaller body parts such as abs, biceps, triceps, calves, etc. – Three Sets

The outcome of these exercises will be sixteen sets for large body parts, and twelve sets total for smaller ones for the third week.

§ Week Number 04: Turning Up the Volume

In the last week of the beginner workout plan, you need to workout for four days in four different splits that can be hit once on each body part. However, the workout for abs and calves needs to be done twice in the fourth week.

The four-day splits are typical among veteran body builders as they include working out typically two to three body parts per training. This gives each muscle collection sufficient consideration and lets you train with a better volume.

As you will see, the triceps and chest are balanced, as are quads and biceps with hamstrings. Each of these is a very typical pairing among beginners and unconventional bodybuilders. Furthermore, no new exercises are acquainted in the fourth week. This helps you focus on concentration in your training rather than learning new actions.


This rise in the volume of exercises and reps will make sure that your muscles are loaded adequately to endure the growth they have already initiated undergoing the first three weeks. Moreover, completion of the four-week workout routine for beginners now enables you to go to the subsequent phase.


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